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Crazy in love, or just crazy?  Something funny is going on in the world of TOM CRUISE.  Could it be that the 42-year old box office lock is really just like a schoolboy in love, smitten with his new found and long lost soul mate?  Did you catch his act on Oprah?  Or is there evil that lurks somewhere behind the hundred million dollar smile and the still boyish good looks.

It started with his firing of longtime publicist PAT KINGSLEY.  She is considered the best and most powerful in the business, and she had guided him through 14 years of treacherous Hollywood red carpets.  In all of the footage of CRUISE over the years, you could always see PAT somewhere in the background, never far away, always with an ear, if not an eye on the quarry of reporters lined up to speak with TOM.

  I must say this about TOM CRUISE: of all the stars in Hollywood, no one is more giving to the press.  Routinely for a movie premiere, he is the first on the list of celebrities to show up, insuring he can talk to each of the crews that turn out.  As ridiculous as it sounds, most stars can barely spare 15 minutes to do the red carpet, and rarely make the effort to speak with all of the crews.  Not TOM CRUISE.

  So it was a surprise to hear that he replaced PAT KINGSLEY with his sister LEE ANNE DEVETTE.  Recently on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, CRUISE spoke of the rift between he and KINGSLEY.  “I give people … lots of chances…and if they are not doing it at a certain point, it’s like ‘Hey…I fire them.’”  I guess that’s TOM doing his DONALD imitation.  But it seems a little flippant, especially given the years and years of success the two shared.

The problems seem to stem from TOM’S insistence on mixing Scientology with the movie business.  On the same ACCESS HOLLYWOOD show, CRUISE was given wide latitude to espouse his “religious” beliefs, and the teachings of Scientology.  On the set of WAR OF THE WORLDS, CRUISE had a Scientology tent set up for those who wanted “treatments” from members of the church.  Reporters recently have been offered tours of the Scientology facility almost as a prerequisite before gaining access to CRUISE to discuss his upcoming movie.

  It was KINGSLEY who reportedly met with CRUISE to suggest he not weave Scientology into his movie business, and she was soon let go.

  Then comes the KATIE HOLMES stuff.  Come on, who puts out a press release about their relationships these days, unless it is to deny the existence of one?  This is straight (no pun intended) out of the CARY GRANT/ROCK HUDSON playbook.  Before receiving a lifetime achievement award in Italy, CRUISE floated the news that he was in a new relationship.  Who cares?  And does anyone believe it anyway.  Forget about the age difference, there have been more shocking pairings.  It just doesn’t fly.  The whole thing seems like an act.

  And let’s face it.  TOM CRUISE is no LAWRENCE OLIVIER.  His movies are like box office gold, but it’s always TOM CRUISE we’re watching.  So the performance on OPRAH fell a little flat.  The man is 42, and he’s whooping and prancing, jumping on the sofa.  Who is this guy ASHTON KUTCHER?  Heck, ASHTON KUTCHER’S not that childish.  It was ALL THE RIGHT MOVES for all the wrong reasons.

  The tabloids caught KATIE HOLMES with marks on her lips just after being alone with CRUISE.  Does this sound like the hickey days of junior high school.  They probably made the marks with a piece of sand paper.  Who is going to buy this stuff?  And once again, who cares?  If TOM CRUISE really is a 12-year old at heart, and he finally found his true love after MIMI ROGERS, NICOLE KIDMAN, PENELOPE CRUZ, SOPHIA VERGARA, and who knows else, then good for him.  But why is it so important the whole world knows about it?

 Then there is the public spat with BROOKE SHIELDS.  Now how anyone can tussle with BROOKE is beyond me.  She is the epitome of sweet and polite, at least at every event I have ever come in contact with her.  And to challenge her on her choice of treatment for the very complex health issue of postpartum depression is just nuts.  What credibility, what standing, what in the world does TOM CRUISE have to say about child birth?

  SHIELDS wrote about her struggles in her book “DOWN CAME THE RAIN”, in which she described her use of the antidepressant Paxil, to get through the very difficult time after having her baby.  CRUISE called SHIELDS irresponsible for taking the drug, and suggested she could have achieved the same result with vitamins and exercise.  Helllooo! Does he know that, or did he pick it up in one of his many movie roles. Didn't his wife in THE FIRM have the same problem?

BROOKE in a statement to The National Enquirer shot back, "TOM CRUISE'S comments are irresponsible and dangerous. He should stick to saving the world from aliens and let women experiencing postpartum depression decide what treatment options are best for them." Hard to argue with that.

 Now comes the announcement that TOM and PARAMOUNT will be doing MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III. Thank God, or L Ron Hubbard or SUMNER REDSTONE. We were starting to worry that our poor TOM CRUISE wouldn't get this gig. I mean, how were the bills going to be paid? I'm sure that KATIE HOLMES has big plans...  

Meanwhile we should be seeing alot more of TOM; WAR OF THE WORLDS opens June 29th.


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