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Manmade Multimedia Incorporated, a fully accredited news and entertainment organization, continues its 9th year producing
REEL HOLLYWOOD and 7th year producing REEL GAY, as well as supplying entertainment news footage to major television networks worldwide.

Incorporated in 1994 by William Manuel, Manmade was established as an entertainment news organization on the West Coast and presently holds credentials with the Los Angeles Police Department, The Greater Los Angeles Press Club, The National Press Club in Washington D.C., and the National Association of Television Programming Executives.

Today, with several major productions available to the public and a project schedule tripling throughout this next year, Manmade Multimedia is also an international entertainment provider, with outlets in London, Paris and even Florence, Italy. The growing size and recognition of the company signifies the growing hunger for an inside look into Hollywood, and the newly emerging gay entertainment broadcast industry! All the industry is buzzing about the nation's first gay channel, meanwhile MANMADE has been broadcasting gay television since 1995.

General Contact Information:
Manmade Multimedia
887 W. 9th St.
San Pedro, CA 90731
Tel: 310.833.2020, Fax: 310.833.2345
Email: manmade@manmademultimedia.com
Job Title Name Email
President, CEO, Publisher, Editor in Chief Bill Manuel Bill@manmademultimedia.com
Tony Be Tony@manmademultimedia.com
Producer, Correspondent Cesar Segovia Cesar@manmademultimedia.com
Marketing, Advertising Tony Filippone Tonyf@manmademultimedia.com
Administrative Sally Manuel Sally@manmademultimedia.com
Purchasing Agent
Richard Manuel Richard@manmademultimedia.com
Account Executive, VP of A&R Tony Filippone Tonyf@manmademultimedia.com
Account Executive, Correspondent Sashya Waterman Sashya@manmademultimedia.com
Correspondent Cortney K Cortney@manmademultimedia.com
Videographer, Editor, Producer MIke Skiff MikeSkiff@manmademultimedia.com
Correspondent John Siciliano John@manmademultimedia.com
Videographer, Editor
Cheryl Riley cheryl@manmademultimedia.com
Videographer, Editor, Producer Mike Skiff mike@manmademultimedia.com
Videographer, Editor. CB Smith-Dahl cb@manmademultimedia.com
Sales Director Memo Menos Bill@manmademultimedia.com
Correspondent Gil Kaan Gil@manmademultimedia.com
Correspondent Cortney K CourtneyK@manmademultimedia.com
Account Executive, Correspondent Margi Blash Margi@manmademultimedia.com
Correspondent Rodney Hall Rodney@manmademultimedia.com
Web Master Tony Be admin@manmademultimedia.com

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